The overloaded community!


As a member of our community you can join our Minecraft server. When successfully registered you get the ip and password for the server via email.

Server Status:


First steps:

When you joined the server successfully you have to register on the serverĀ (Use: “/reg email email_repeated”).

You will get an email with your temporary password. Now login with this password (Use: “/l password”).

Then change your password to a password of your choice (Use: “/changepassword old_password new_password”).

From this point you can login every time with your new password. (Use: “/l password”).

Have fun!



Here are the overview maps of all worlds.

Yggdrasil (click here for full size):

Joetunheim (click here for full size):

Ragnaroek (click here for full size):

Walhalla (click here for full size):


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